Microsoft Easy Print

Printing a document from a Terminal Server sounds simple, just press the ‘Print’ button. But depending on the complexity of your environment, it can easily turn into a complicated affair.

Applications are usually executed on a system sans local printers with network printers in a different subnet, which often employ firewalls and routers. In order to print, a user must have the printer installed on their local machine and the administrator must have the print driver already set up on the Terminal Server. Already the act of print management becomes a hardship.

Multiply this innumerable times over and you face an out of control printing situation in a Terminal Server environment that is near impossible to handle. The combinations of users, printers, and print drivers make this task overwhelming to say the least, not to mention expensive and time consuming.

Microsoft’s Solution, Easy Print

Microsoft formulated a printing software solution in 2008 Terminal Services called Microsoft Easy Print, which uses universal driver technology in order to combat these issues.

Sounds like the answer, right? Perhaps, but MS Easy Print remains relatively unproven and lacks support for many systems and printers. If you’re searching for a tried and true Terminal Services printing solution, you will need a universal print management software that supports seamless printing in a mixed environment.

Managing Printing on Your Own

You might not realize it, but your ‘home grown’ print management solution may be completely futile in preventing backed up printers or crashed servers. These problems exacerbated by the lack of a proper solution, result in slowed user productivity and lost revenue. This serves to only degrade your company over time, which is something none of us can afford in these economic times.

Complex Printing Requires More: Enter Tricerat’s ScrewDrivers

You can take your chances with quick fixes, but be prepared to wade through a mire of print drivers and deal with an IT support team that is stuck with the annoying task of solving user’s print-related problems all day long.

Investing in a TS printing solution that will reduce administrative time and overhead will save you big time in the long run. Tricerat’s ScrewDrivers can easily handle your enterprise printing problems, leaving you with time and money to handle other more important tasks.