Mandatory User Profile Management

Considered by many in IT to be the easiest type of profiles to create and manage, a mandatory profile is a standardized user profile that is stored on the network server and is loaded when a user logs on. The user can access applications, software, use programs, and even change desktop settings to his or her liking.

Because mandatory profiles are essentially “read-only” profiles, and no additional information can be written to them, they don't experience the bloat, corruption, and slow load times that other profile types can fall victim to. But the same thing that keeps mandatory profiles “safe” can also create headaches for end users. Why? Because unlike other profile types, a mandatory profile does not save the user-introduced changes; all changes are lost when the user logs off. When the user next logs on, or when another user logs onto the same machine, the preset mandatory profile is loaded again.

The Reliability of Mandatory Profiles with the Flexibility of Customization Options

For businesses looking to enjoy the lower maintenance associated with mandatory profiles, unlike managing roaming profiles, but wanting to allow for some end user customization, Tricerat's Simply Profiles offers an excellent solution. Simplify Profiles software allows system administrators to create mandatory profiles that will save particular sections of a profile—like the desktop settings or recently used documents list—that will be restored the next time the user logs on. This allows users to enjoy a customized computing experience without jeopardizing the security of the network, as system administrators control and manage exactly which profile elements are saved and which are discarded.

Simplify Profiles essentially creates a “hybrid” profile by storing the user's customization settings in an SQL Database. When the user logs on, Simplify Profiles loads the mandatory profile while also restoring the user-specific settings from the network location where they can be accessed as needed. As a result, the end user enjoys speedy logon times and a customized computing environment, and the network remains secure and problem free.

Save Time, Money, and Frustration with Simplify Profiles

Mandatory profiles offer an excellent way to manage large number of users efficiently, ensuring fast logon times and protecting the integrity of the network. But if you want to make the most of your mandatory profiles, you'll need Simplify Profiles. Save time, money, and frustration by adding Simplify Profiles to your mandatory profile environment.

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