Login Script Management

A login script is simply a succession of commands that a workstation follows when a user logs on to a computer. These commands are saved on the server in a Script File, which is a batch file that workstations have access to and the ability to run.

About Login Scripts

If you want to write your own login script, all you need to start is the basic TextEdit program. However, actually understanding the script writing syntax is a complicated affair. So why bother learning it?

What is the purpose of a login script?

Login scripts allow a system administrator to provide persistent user configurations to a workstation. You can map printers, secure the Windows shell, update registry values, move resources, and build in folder redirects all by writing a login script.

In short, it gives you the ability to customize your network-based computing environment to best suit your company’s specific needs.

Managing login scripts

Along with the flexibility that login scripts provide, come the management that can make even the most patient sys admin want to pull their hair out. Even if you’ve got script writing down to a science, situations arise on a regular basis.

You come into work Monday morning, fresh brewed coffee steaming in your mug, looking forward to working on the projects you have on your plate. Instead, a user whose crucial data has “just disappeared” tackles you in the hallway, babbling about an important meeting, and your day is spent troubleshooting as he frantically calls every half hour for an update. As it turns out, there’s a glitch in the login script and it will come down to uncovering a mistyped or omitted character buried in a sea of characters. Or perhaps there’s no immediate problem at all. Maybe the company has just bought 15 printers and you have to write a login script for each one.

Regardless of the circumstances, precious time is lost perfecting and managing login scripts, not to mention the training it will take to teach a new admin if and when you decide to move on from that company.

Ease the pain of login scripting with Tricerat’s help

Tricerat has formulated the Simplify Suite, a complete desktop management system that eases the pain of login scripting. With GUI-based assignments, you don’t even need to be familiar with script writing syntax. Users experience a fast and fully functional computing experience and you finally have the time to devote to more relevant and crucial tasks.