Cloud Computing and Printing

Application Access Via the Web

Cloud computing is an Internet-based technology that provides a service to an end user. The cloud acts as a single entry point and allows users to execute any computing need. It is unnecessary for a user to be knowledgeable about the subject, or even be aware that they are working within a “cloud”. It is an idea that incorporates infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), and software as a service (SaaS), along with Web 2.0 technologies.

What these services all have in common is their dependence on the Internet. For instance, Google Apps is a SaaS that offers everyday business applications online. The applications they offer are accessible from a web browser and the information and software are kept on servers. The majority of cloud computing models consist of reliable services sent via data centers and built on servers with varying degrees of virtualization technologies.

Cloud Computing - Both Metaphorical and Abstract

The phrase “cloud computing” is a metaphorical reference to the Internet, referring to how the Internet is represented in computer network diagrams. The term also abstractly addresses the nature of a physical storm cloud, concealing the complexity of all that lies behind it.

A Few Benefits of Sitting Under a Cloud

  • Cost Effectiveness: Cloud computing users can avoid capital expenditure on software, hardware, and services by paying a provider for the service and can generally discontinue the contract at any time. In addition, cloud computing offers multi-tenancy, enabling users to share resources and cost.
  • Universal Access: As this infrastructure is generally offered by a third party from an off-site location, users can access their applications from any location and from any device whether it be a personal computer, mobile device etc.
  • Security Increases Over Time: The use of several, frequently used sites increases the reliability and security of cloud computing infrastructure because of the centralization of data, making it suitable for business continuity and disaster recovery.

Tricerat Works in Tandem with Cloud Computing Providers

If you are a cloud computing provider, Tricerat offers a superior print solution called ScrewDrivers that can give your end users a seamless print environment.