Citrix Scanning Solutions

Has your business ever encountered any of the following scanning issues?

  • Unexplained and difficult-to-diagnose TWAIN redirection issues
  • Erratic behavior and scan failure in scanners, including but not limited to specialized scanners
  • Users needing to be routed to certain scanners that work "better" with the system than others

If so, your business has experienced first-hand the frustration that Citrix scanning issues can produce.

The Pitfalls and Perils of Relying on Citrix Scanning Workarounds
While TWAIN redirection and end user “routing” workarounds may seemingly offer a solution, they only put a small bandage on a much larger problem.
Employees become frustrated because scanning workarounds don't fit into their daily workflow, which means that they are less productive. In the meantime, some scanning resources are constantly in demand, creating backups on the network, while other perfectly capable but less compatible scanners sit collecting dust. Add all of this to the volume of support calls and emails that a single Citrix scanning issue can generate within a company and you can see how a small scanning issue can balloon into a much larger business problem.

Simplify Scanning Lets Users Take Advantage of All Scanners, All Functionality
Designed to work on a Citrix server environment, Simplify Scanning management software takes the hassle out of adding new scanners and managing/maintaining existing scanners while ensuring a smooth scanning process for the end user. Restore business productivity, take advantage of all of your scanning-related resources (including all-in-one machines) and cut down on the number of Citrix scanning-related support tickets by implementing Simplify Scanning.
Using a universal "virtual" driver on your Citrix server, Simplify Scanning creates a seamless scanning experience that lets your employees use any scanner on the network as if it was a local scanner. Via the virtual driver, Simplify Scanning builds a capabilities list that notes each scanner's particular functionality and specs, then sends the info to be virtualized on the Citrix server. The end result is that any scanner with Simplify Scanning will work for your users on your network, because Simplify Scanning acts as the sole point of compatibility between your users, your scanners, and your Citrix server.

Make Citrix Server Scanning Problems a Thing of the Past
Even if you haven't installed the latest Citrix software upgrades, Simplify Scanning can still streamline the Citrix scanning process on your network. Learn more about how Simplify Scanning can make your Citrix server scanning problems a thing of the past; visit the request more information form to learn more about how Simplify Scanning can help your business.