Citrix Printing Solutions

Citrix does a great job of providing access to an entire spectrum of applications. Where Citrix falls short however, is in its ability to provide a user-friendly printing experience. This shortcoming can cause everything from a minor inconvenience to a major problem, depending on the size and complexity of your business' Citrix environment. Add remote printing access into the equation and the situation becomes even more urgent.

Citrix Printing: Managing Printers in an Enterprise Computing Environment

The larger and more complex the computing environment, the more important it is to have an efficient Citrix printing solution. The following section will provide and overview of various types of Citrix printing solutions.

Autocreation via the Citrix UPD

Citrix has developed a basic solution to solve or at least work around print issues. Via 'autocreation' or print mapping, the Citrix universal print driver (UPD) uses a schema to match the client printer driver to a print driver on the server. If no matching driver exists, one of two things happens: no printer is created at all, or the printer is autocreated using the Citrix UPD.

Citrix Printing Problems

In the driver matching situation described above, neither outcome is ideal. Both cause headaches for system administrators, because they can lead to a wide variety of problems. Application and system crashes could even occur as the result of printer drivers not being properly supported in the Citrix environment. Users may find printing impossible because the UDP does not support every application and every printer--especially those applications and printers that have yet to be developed or released! All of these combined place a greater strain on the technical support department.

Addressing Citrix Printing Issues

Citrix-provided solutions like print mapping or autocreation don't fully solve the problem. Third-party solutions are the most effective, efficient way to overcome inherent Citrix printing problems.

Third-Party Solutions Effectively Manage Printing in a Citrix Environment

Is there a simple answer to this vexing problem of Citrix printing shortfalls? Yes. Employ a third-party solution designed to bridge the gaps inherent in the Citrix environment. A third-party solution truly is the most effective and efficient way to manage your environment and simplify the printing process for users and administrators alike.

Tricerat's Third-Party Citrix Printing Solution

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