Benefits of Server-Based Computing (SBC)

Ensuring that your business is ready for potential network security challenges while simultaneously trying to create a positive experience for end users can be a complicated task. A server-based computing environment offers you almost limitless configuration options.

Centrally Controlled Server-Based Computing Mitigates Risk

In an effort to reduce IT administration costs, improve efficiency and mitigate risk, many organizations are looking to server-based computing solutions.

What is SBC?

In a server based computing environment, all of the actual computing work is done at the server level; the output of the work is then displayed on the client machine. Windows’ Terminal Server (TS) is the most widely used SBC solution.

Why consider implementing SBC?

Across the world, IT departments choose a server based computing model for a variety of reasons:

1) Reduced IT hardware and software costs

Because the server is doing the majority of the work, the organization no longer needs an expensive desktop computer in every cubicle. Instead, you can deploy less costly thin clients throughout the organization, saving a sizeable IT investment.

2) Reduced IT management time, costs

Remember the days of going from computer to computer, updating virus definitions, performing backups and applying hotfixes to each one individually? With SBC, those days are in the past. Upgrades and changes are performed at the server level, freeing support technicians to handle more important tasks. Because applications are being hosted on the server, end user tech support queries are drastically reduced.

3) Decreased risk of data loss

Because the end user’s machine has no onboard storage mechanism, a lost, stolen, or damaged computer is a nuisance rather than a full-scale emergency.

Tricerat Harnesses Terminal Server Power While Avoiding its Pitfalls

Managing end user environments is made simple with Tricerat’s range of desktop virtualization and application delivery solutions. Tricerat’s software helps companies proactively address known shortcomings in SBC and Terminal Server, effectively eliminating problems before they start and mitigating operational risk.

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