Application Delivery Management

In order to run an efficient and productive business, ensuring an appropriate mode of application delivery is essential. There are many available solutions out there and knowing which option best answers your needs can be difficult.

The following provides factors to consider when evaluating application deployment within your organization.

Factors to Consider: User Location and Role

One key factor to consider is your end user’s location. Your user may reside in the same office as the corporate datacenter, in which case server based computing is a perfectly acceptable solution. However, if your user is working from home or from the road, a proper remote application delivery solution via such methods as streaming applications or implementing VDI may be the way to go.

Another factor you will want to consider is your user’s role. You might have a call center with users that need limited applications and are designated a specific task. Perhaps you run a marketing department that handles a plethora of varying assignments and all have different computing needs. Or maybe you manage an on-the-road sales team that uses laptops and smart phones. All of these roles necessitate different application delivery systems that must promise sufficient application security and speed.

The Goal: Fast, Bulletproof Computing

Whether your users are working on physical or virtual machines, from local or remote locations, you want to establish an application delivery system that will allow them to work productively in an environment that is fast, stabile, and protected from untested and possibly dangerous applications.

Simplify Suite v5 for Application Delivery & Deployment

Tricerat offers a suite of solutions that solve the concerns of speed, stability, security, and usability with software that is easy-to-use and financially viable. This way any problem you may encounter will be solved before it begins and you can rest easy.