Monitor and manage virtual and physical networks from a single console 

VDI and application delivery solutions rely on servers, networks, storage, SQL databases and Windows infrastructures to deliver a reliable user experience. With so many components and resources involved, it’s difficult for administrators to determine the root cause of problems that impact users.

Enter Tricerat's Simplify Monitoring, which provides out-of-the-box functionality and setup wizards that enable administrators to monitor deployments across physical and virtual infrastructures, from a single console, to determine root causes and automate fix actions. Through proactive monitoring of applications such as Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop, VMware Horizon/vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V, Simplify Monitoring gives admins an all-in-one solution to anticipate, troubleshoot and remediate issues.

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With Tricerat's Simplify Monitoring, the IT
becomes a Superhero! His
superpowers include
vision into the entire
virtual stack, zapping login
issues, ICA latency 
overloaded servers, and memory leaks, 

BEFORE they affect end users. 

Anticipate. Troubleshoot. Remediate.

From pinpointing user logon problems and latency issues, to identifying terminal service errors and server bottlenecks, Simplify Monitoring goes a long way to help protect business investments, maximize resources and ensure business continuity.

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Simplify Monitoring Presented by DABCC


  • One product to monitor:
    • Physical servers
    • Application and database servers
    • Active directories
    • Network devices
    • Virtual hosts and machines

  • Simple integration with Citrix XenApp/Built-in API integration with XenApp server

  • Web interface control or direct plug into vCenter/XenCenter for single, central console control

  • Automatic health check and fix actions

  • Pre-configured monitoring rules for:
    • Server
    • Windows infrastructure
    • SQL
    • Web interface
    • Provisioning server
    • Surrounding infrastructure (virtual hosts, VMs, physical servers, applications and network devices)

  • Analysis of current and historical user sessions

  • User session dashboards

  • Integration with EdgeSight

  • Built-in compliance management


  • A single-source solution for monitoring Citrix, VMware and Microsoft virtual environments, as well as entire supporting infrastructures

  • Easy to use and deploy

  • Customization without programming

  • No consulting services needed

What People Are Saying

"People on my team were easily brought up to speed. Other solutions required hours of training. Reports are so easy with Simplify Monitoring, I have them automatically sent to different managers' inboxes every morning and that saves me a ton of time and energy writing reports as well as sitting in meetings!" 

- Dewey K., Citrix Architect, Large Florida Healthcare System