Cliplite®: Secure Windows Clipboard Sharing


Secure Windows Clipboard sharing

Have you considered controlling how users share information in your environment? One option is to overlook the potential data loss of the Windows Clipboard copy and paste function and hope your users don't send sensitive information to the press, competitors, or other unauthorized parties. Turning off the Clipboard is secure but prevents employees from using basic copy and paste. This could lead them to find ways to circumvent security in order to boost their productivity.

Cliptite™ is designed specifically for remote desktop and application environments that require an extra level of security to prevent data loss through the Windows Clipboard.

How it Works

Cliptite™ works by intercepting all data before it is copied onto the Windows Clipboard. The data is then encrypted using a secure 128-bit key and subsequently placed on the Clipboard as encrypted data. If a user running an unauthorized server or workstation attempts to access the Windows Clipboard, the resulting data will be scrambled and unrecognizable. However, when a user running an authorized server or workstation accesses the Clipboard, the data will be transferred and decrypted to the requesting application.

  • Equivalent security to SSL encryption
  • Encryption allows sharing only between authorized servers and workstations in ICA and RDP remote sessions
  • Works with any application or data type
  • Confidently re-enable the Windows Clipboard for your remote session users
  • Provides reliable Windows Clipboard security
  • Prevents data loss to help conform to IT compliance requirements