Printing Solutions for Schools - Education Print Management Software

Tricerat software tools help institutions eliminate the user desktop problems that arise as educators offer students more ways to access and retrieve information from multiple devices, applications and locations.

Reliable printing from any device to any printer

When it's time to print transcript records and term papers, slow or non-existent print jobs are among the most common and painful printing problems. Tricerat ScrewDrivers® is a revolutionary universal print driver technology that effectively eliminates print driver and 32-/64-bit compatibility issues for a dependable printing experience in your Citrix, Microsoft RDS, and VDI environment. Simplify Printing® builds on the ScrewDrivers technology with a print server and user management console that provides reliable printing to any network printer. Simplify Printing® TX takes it one step further by allowing users to share and access printers from any OS and application on their desktop or mobile device, regardless of location.

Network scanning made simple

Tricerat Simplify Scanning software simplifies scanner driver management and improves scanning speed to help schools streamline their virtual record management system. By eliminating the compatibility problems that decrease productivity and increase helpdesk calls, Simplify Scanning gives you time to focus on more important tasks.