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One of the cool things about our clients is the depth of their diversity. From small businesses to global enterprises, our customers span practically every industry and environment type from the United States to Singapore.


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"Without Tricerat's Simplify Printing, daily operations would have continued to take its toll on our resources on both a financial and productivity level." – John Andreasen and Jack Deng, DFDS Citrix Administrators

"The Simplify Suite has been running without incident for over 180 days and the outcome is substantially less time spent on printer configuration, profile management, and daily troubleshooting. Employees are more focused without outside distractions, business operations as they pertain to the desktop are efficient and problem free, and crucial funds are free to be used on other pressing matters. The goal of finding a complete desktop solution from a single vendor at a reasonable price was accomplished with the Simplify Suite." – Bernd Trampe, VisionApp IT Consultant for the Bavarian Tax Department


"Tricerat is the best choice in the industry. Tricerat’s pricing, configuration options, and support are incredible." – Shawn Scott, Network Specialist III

Softline Group

"Tricerat provides a service that helps to solve lots of IT problems" - Mariya Trubchaninova, Logistics Manager

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"Your printer drivers work with little to no hassle.  I’m a very satisfied customer, having explored other options before, during, and after using your Screwdrivers.  Your software is fantastic and worth every penny." - Ken Castleberry, Data Image

Fresenius Vascular Care

"Tricerat is a product that saves my team time and allows them to better manage printers on our terminal servers across the organization.” - Jay Petel, Manager of Operations and Infrastructure, American Access Care

Alpha Systems

"No more driver issues…. EVER!!!!!!! We saved thousands of hours a year of printing support, what more can be said… THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!" - Tony White, Alpha Systems

Spirit Technologies

"Tricerat has made my company more productive by allowing us to deploy a great solution...  It has reduced the calls for printer issues dramatically from users in... the UK, Mexico, California and mobile users since we started using them across our Citrix implementations." - Argelys Pena, Spirit Technologies (FL)