Chief Marketing Officer, William Volk

William Volk

Mr. Volk is Tricerat's Chief Marketing Officer.

William began his career in 1979, on the launch team of the computer game division of Avalon Hill, now a subsidiary of Hasbro, Inc. Volk further served as the Vice President of Technology at Activision, Inc., where he was responsible for the development of the first CD-ROM entertainment project. Following his tenure at Activision, Volk joined Lightspan, Inc., as Chief Technologist of Gaming Technology. In this role, he managed programming and Q&A groups, created a process that reduced title production lead times from an 18-month cycle to a 4-month cycle, and produced more than 110 titles for the Sony PlayStation. In 1999, Volk became Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of, where he and his team developed the first bar-coded grocery coupons available on the Internet. His understanding of the technology, security and interface issues were critical to’s successful launch.

More recent, Volk founded ZipProof, a SAAS company that enabled print shops and ad agencies to get customer approvals and corrections for graphic designs. He also joined James Cameron’s Earthship TV, researching video delivery systems and 360º camera systems. Volk further co-Founded MyNuMo, which enabled independent artists to publish ringtones, wallpapers and mobile videos. MyNuMo went on to create some of the first iOS titles and a wide range of apps, including VOIP, Personal Security, Cooking Show and Games. Game assets were acquired by PlayScreen in 2010, where Volk remains as Chief Creative Officer.  

Mr. Volk holds a BA Physics/Astronomy - University of Pennsylvania.  Graduate work in Physics and Computer Engineering - University of Maryland and University of New Hampshire.  He is an avid cyclist, logging over 3000 miles per year.